Wendel Patrick Biography

Wendel Patrick's photography acknowledges not only the details of his subjects' human expressions, but also their sense of place in the environments around them. His subjects are at home, figuratively and literally. Like the human eye, Patrick's lens picks its focal point, and often that focus is on the eyes of his subject. As we look, the gaze is returned to us, and we the observers become the observed. High contrast and supersaturated color are among Patrick's preferred tools in generating images that lock eyes with the viewer and beg further conversation. His photography has been featured in several publications and been on display at The Baltimore Museum of Art, and is also a large part of the award winning “Out of the Blocks” documentary project he co-creates with radio producer Aaron Henkin.

Wendel Patrick, also known as Kevin Gift, is also an award winning and greatly admired musician, producer and composer. He has been referred to as "David Foster Wallace reincarnated as a sound engineer" by Urbanite Magazine and as "wildly talented" by the Baltimore Sun. His five albums, "Sound:", "Forthcoming", "JDWP", "Passage" and "Travel" were all produced without the use of samples, with Patrick playing every note of every instrument. Equally at home performing on stage with his band, behind two turntables, beatboxing, improvising, or playing a Mozart Concerto on stage with orchestra, Wendel Patrick has toured Europe on several occasions and performed throughout the world with renowned spoken word artist and poet Ursula Rucker (The Roots, 4Hero).

Wendel Patrick majored in both music and political science at Emory University and earned his M.M. in Piano Performance as a scholarship student at the Northwestern University School of Music in Evanston Illinois. He has taught at Loyola University Maryland and at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and guest lectured at The Australian Institute of Music. In the fall of 2016 he began teaching Hip Hop Music Production: History, Theory and Practice at The Peabody Music Conservatory, the first such course to be taught at any traditional music conservatory in the United States. Mr. Patrick is a winner of the 2015 Mary Sawyers Baker Prize. He currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.